Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

world cup fever: italian crafter

I don't know why I posted this entry. It just suddenly occur in my mind that I want to see handmade by italian crafter. Then, I search for italian crafter in etsy. Since this is world cup (I always got world cup fever since 1998) and my favorite team is Italy. I was extremely happy when they won world cup four years ago. This is my gesture to support my favorite team. 

I want this simple tote bag with bunting applique. I need to buy some linen fabric. definitely. You can see the detail from here. The designer also makes others cute handmade, visit PilliPillihandmade in etsy.

 I always love owl handmade creation. This one is just different and simple. Visit contemori in etsy to see others softies creation.

So, what is your favorite team. Me support  for Italy.

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